Super 3D Artist

Antti Hamara

aka Felor

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Here is a quickly made reel of my work on HBC's animations.

HBC animations have won a few contests

Assembly 2010: Short film 3. place

(short 'HBC-00009: Space Funk Rock')

Kindergarden 2008: Wild demo 1. place

(short 'HBC-00006: Pumpernickel')

Assembly 2008: Short film 1. place

(short 'HBC-00004: Field Trip')

Icons 2008: Wild demo 1. place

(short 'HBC-00003: Bullet Time')

Breakpoint 2008: Animation 2. place

(short 'HBC-00001: Donuts')



Antti Hamara


IRC: Felor @ IRCnet & Freenode

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Phone: 044 - 2556153